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St. Peter’s Youth Pilgrimage to Ireland Blog Info

The St. Peter’s Youth Pilgrimage to Ireland 2016! Here’s Our Blog!!


Come journey with us…follow us on our blog! We’ll be traveling from June 6-June 15, but there will also be a couple of posts before we leave and when we return (the first post is already there, made on 5/27/16). So many of you worked so hard and gave so generously so that this pilgrimage would be possible, especially our wonderful parents (of pilgrims present, past, and those to come), St. Peter’s EYC and mentors, our rector, Fr. John Herring+, the great staff at Worldwide Pilgrimage, and all who gave of their time, knowledge, money, and resources so we could all have everything we need for this great spiritual adventure! As you follow along with us, you can be our companions as we encounter God in new and exciting ways, in new and holy spaces as we journey through Ireland. We’ll find that God does new things through and in us as we view 9th century High Crosses, take Ceili dance lessons, visit St. Patrick’s grave, and find ourselves in the place known as the cradle of Irish civilization…and that’s only SOME of the activities for the first three days! We’ll all take turns blogging and we’ll upload plenty of pictures as well. Please pray for the pilgrims, the parents, our guides, and the chaperones as we all prepare, then as we travel, and at the last, when we depart for home. Pray that we find this a time for spiritual growth and transformation as well as a time for learning and fellowship (and some fun here and there, as well)! We happy pilgrims are Claire Anderson, Elisabeth Ashton, Ben Avery, Isabella Carlton, Heidi Cole, Alex Hodges, with chaperones J.C. Albritton, and Mo. Nikki Mathis+.